This tool allows the end user to quickly compare the compressed chromosomes in two or more v2.2+ Starch archives. Inputs and outputs Input

The starch-diff utility takes in two or more Starch v2.2+ archives as input. The end user may also add –chr <chr> to compare one chromosome directly; otherwise, all chromosomes in specified archives are compared. Output

The typical output of starch-diff is a message indicating the archives’ chromosome(s) are identical or dissimilar.

In addition, if the chromosomes are identical, starch-diff exits with a zero status code. Likewise, if any chromosomes are dissimilar, starch-diff exits with a non-zero status code. Requirements

If the user passes in a pre-v2.2 archive, the utility will exit with a fatal error. Usage

Use the --help option to list all options:

  citation: http://bioinformatics.oxfordjournals.org/content/28/14/1919.abstract
  version:  2.4.40
  authors:  Alex Reynolds and Shane Neph

  $ starch-diff [ --chr <chr> ] starch-file-1 starch-file-2 [ starch-file-3 ... ]

  The 'starch-diff' utility compares the signatures of two or more specified
  Starch v2.2+ archives for all chromosomes, or for a specified chromosome.